Will 55Photos store my photos after I link my photo service accounts?
No, 55Photos will not store your photos. However 55Photos server may create temporary copies of your photos to provide transfer/download/upload functionality. All temporary copies are deleted once requested operation is completed.
Does a photo transfer between photo services utilize my bandwidth?
No, it does not. Photos are transferred through 55Photos server. Once you create a photo transfer, you can close your browser or even turn off your computer. 55Photos server will complete requested operation on your behalf.
What browser do you recommend to run 55Photos application?
Google Chrome is the best choice since 55Photos application is tested in Chrome first of all. However 55Photos works in any other modern browser like Firefox, Opera, MS Edge, MS Explorer 11,10,9
For how long is a photos/album download link valid?
It is valid for 24 hours after a ZIP archive with your photos is created. However this validity period can be changed without further notice.

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