What is 55Photos?

55Photos is a web application that runs in any modern browser Using 55Photos you can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, upload, backup online photos and images
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55Photos works with

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Google Drive

Google Photos



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Explore, view, edit and manage online photos

  • view, explore and manage all your online photos in the same and convenient way in one place See screenshot
  • link and access your photo sharing accounts like Flickr, your social network accounts like VK and your cloud file storage accounts like Dropbox See screenshot
  • view friend's photos, group's photos, page's photos, event's photos
  • search and view public online photos See screenshot See screenshot
  • start slideshows fast and easy and choose from tens transition effects See screenshot
  • edit photo details like title, description, tags See screenshot
  • edit album details like title, description, date, location See screenshot
  • view and change album and photo permissions and license See screenshot
  • create new albums
  • delete photos and albums
  • get direct links to all available photo sizes See screenshot
  • uses secured SSL connection for highest security
  • uses OAuth protocol so your login credentials for photo services are not exposed

Transfer online photos

  • transfer a single photo, multiple photos or entire album
  • transfer photos between your favorite photo services
  • transfer photos between user accounts on the same photo service
  • transfer photos from your friend's albums
  • transfer photos from or to groups, pages, events
  • copy or move photos between albums within the same user account
  • drag-and-drop photos to initiate a photo transfer
  • or use wizard window for specifying photo transfer parameters See screenshot
  • transfer photos in the highest resolution available
  • photo details like title, description and tags are also transferred
  • create new albums on the fly See screenshot
  • photos are transferred via 55Photos server so your Internet traffic won't be affected
  • receive email notification once transfer is done

Download online photos

  • download a single photo, multiple photos or entire album to your computer
  • download photos from your albums
  • download photos from your friend's albums
  • download photos from groups, pages, events
  • download photos in the highest resolution available
  • photo details like title, description and tags can also be downloaded
  • photos and text files with photo details are packed into a ZIP file See screenshot
  • receive email notification once ZIP file is ready for download
  • this is the easiest way to backup your photos to a local drive

Upload local photos

  • upload photos from a local drive to your favorite photo services in the same and convenient way in one place
  • drag-and-drop photos from a local folder to initiate an upload See screenshot
  • or use File Open dialog box to select files for upload
  • create new albums on the fly
  • receive email notification once upload is done

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